Touch And Go by Lisa Gardner

Touch And Go
By: Lisa Gardner


I’m not sure if I really had any expectations for this book. I figured it would be entertaining, but I didn’t expect to be drawn in to the story, and I certainly didn’t expect to be surprised.

Justin and Libby Denby have been married for 18 years. Justin inherited Denby Construction from his father and has now turned it into a one hundred million dollar company.

Libby and Justin have a 15 year old daughter and their lives seem perfect. But, looks can be deceiving and the cliche of money not being able to buy happiness proves to be true for the Denby family.

Libby has discovered that Justin is having an affair. Libby tells him to end it and they are working on repairing their marriage.

Then, tragedy strikes. All three Denby family members are kidnapped and held by professional mercenaries.

Law enforcement becomes involved and Justin’s company hires Tessa Leone (an Independent Investigator) to look into the disappearance.

Tessa is smart, dedicated and determined to find the Denbys. She starts looking into their lives and at the lives of all the people that work for Denby Construction. What she discovers is that they are all a bunch of liars and that everyone has a secret (and some people have more than one) and that everyone has something to hide.

The question is: what do the kidnappers want? Is ransom the only motive? Or is something more sinister going on?

I was pulled into the lives of the Denby family from the very beginning. Usually I find it difficult to relate to stories about the rich. However, Lisa Gardner has done a skillful job of making the Denby family’s plight hit home with readers. Despite the fact that the Denbys seem to have it all, they have problems. In fact, their lives are far from perfect.

This book will have you second guessing who is responsible for the kidnapping and why.

This is a fast-paced mystery that is definitely worth the read. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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