The Voyage of the Miscreation: Episode 3: The Sunken Forest


The Voyage of the Miscreation: Episode 3: The Sunken Forest by Kristen S. Walker was provided to me in ebook format free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review.

“Captain Mynta and her motley crew of monster hunters have fallen on hard times. To save her ship, she’s agreed to escort Mage Ameyron and his team of researchers to capture some of Seirenia’s deadliest monsters. To succeed, they’ll have to work together—but everyone on board has something to hide, and one has a secret that could doom them all.”

“In episode three, “The Sunken Forest,” Captain Mynta and her team of monster hunters follow a sailors’ legend to the ships’ graveyard, so Mage Ameyron can investigate the mystery of why so many ships are floating abandoned in a strange forest of seaweed. Wyld Magic must be involved in some way. But when their search finds a survivor driven mad by the loss of his crew mates, they learn that monsters aren’t all they have to fear out on the open sea. A haunting song means that time’s run out, and when the ship is overrun by deadly mermaids, Mynta will once again be forced to make a difficult choice to save her people.”

In this third installment of the serial we learn a bit more about each crew member’s history and background. Relationships deepen and attachments are formed.

This is a first rate serial that will draw you into the world of the Miscreation.

I give this a rating of 5 out of 5 stars and am looking forward to the release of episode 4.


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