Dead In Bed by Bailey Simms


DEAD IN BED by Bailey Simms

Chapter one is entitled: “Fifty Shades of Gangrene” so I was immediately intrigued.

Ashley is married to Shawn. But, their marriage isn’t going well. Ashley is secretly in love with her sister’s husband, Ian.

Ian is an Iraq war vet who currently works as an EMT for their tiny local hospital in the town of Muldoon, Colorado.

Ashley and Shawn start the story being driven to the town fair by Ian. However, before they can get to the fair, Ian receives an emergency call from the hospital saying that he needs to go immediately to the high school locker room.

What they find when they arrive shocks them all. Instead of finding a teenager with a twisted ankle, or some other equally innocuous medical “emergency”, they find a decomposing male body that is missing it’s penis in the girl’s locker room.

This bizarre discovery is just the beginning of a series of events that shocks the entire community and affects everyone who lives there.

A pathogen called TGV has somehow been introduced to the inhabitants of Muldoon. The symptoms include heightened sex drive. The disease is passed on through sexual exchange of bodily fluids.

The National Guard shuts down all access into and out of Muldoon and they are hunting down and killing anyone infected with TGV.

Ashley takes it upon herself to help hide infected people and she is very resourceful.

This book is an engrossing and riveting read. I read the entire book in 24 hours and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

This is a 5 star read. It is entertaining and unique.

* I do need to warn readers that this novel contains sexually explicit descriptions and is definitely NOT for kids under the age of 18.


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