Decay by Mark Lingane


DECAY (Tesla:Book Two) by Mark Lingane

I received a free eBook copy of DECAY from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Sebastian’s Tesla powers have increased and he is learning to control them more and more every day.

Melanie discovers that the cancer, which had previously been so extensive that she was given only weeks to live; has now completely disappeared.

She knows that it was the radiation emitted by Sebastian that has cured her cancer, but the doctor informs her that since her body is now normal, she must limit her contact with Sebastian or risk falling ill again; this time with radiation poisoning.

The cyborgs lost the first major battle in the war at the end of book one. Now, they are threatening the Steam Academy and they have a dangerous new weapon whose sole purpose is to hunt down and destroy all the Teslas.

But, it seems like the cyborgs are not the only threat. With thousands of refugees pouring into the city, food shortages and unemployment are rampant. Because of this people are restless and malcontent and are willing to listen to anyone who can give them someone to blame.

With a new “church” rallying hate toward the Teslas, living in the city is proving that it might be more dangerous then fighting the cyborgs.

Will Sebastian and Melanie be able to make people see reason? Or will hatred and prejudice destroy the last human sanctuary? And, what do the cyborgs have to do with it?

Also, someone is feeding information to the enemy. They seem to know every move the humans make. Who is the spy? Is there a leak?

Sometimes, the greatest enemy is the one you least expect.

What I Liked:

Mark Lingane has done it again. With this second book in the Tesla series, he has crafted an intricate tale in a unique world.

The mixture of Steampunk and Science Fiction, along with action and adventure will capture and hold your attention from the first page.

The author also demonstrates that he knows how easy it is to sway scared people into blaming the most convenient target.

If history has shown us anything, it has shown us that people will grasp at any explanation, no matter how improbable, to explain away their circumstances. It also shows us that fear and hatred can spread quickly and infect even the most rational person.

The story never falters and the reader is swept up in Sebastian’s world. I found myself cheering him on and even being outraged when he is mistreated. Being able to instill in the reader a genuine sense of concern for the characters in a story is the mark of a truly gifted author, and Mark Lingane has done exactly that.

He has also left the reader with another cliff-hanger. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

-Do not read the next few paragraphs if you do not want to take a chance at part of the story being revealed.

On top of the fact that this is a good book, it is also a biting criticism and commentary on present day society.

The cyborgs are born human and then modified to be “better”. They are all linked to a central intelligence and they do absolutely nothing without being told to do it by their “tinyIRIS.

The tinyIRIS is linked to their eye and they receive commands through it. They LOL instead of laugh, and they #like the things that the tinyIRIS tells them to like. They make choices based on the calculations of probability trees as analyzed by the central intelligence.

They have names like @Summer14Rose and even though the parents had wanted to name their child @Summer, they were not allowed to because it was already “taken”.

When @Summer’s tinyIRIS is broken and her connection to the hive severed, she feels completely lost. She has never had to think for herself before. Even though at first she finds it frightening, she soon relishes the freedom that comes with discovering the world through her own eyes.

Also, even though the cyborgs have advanced technology (much of it eerily similar to our own technology) their life spans are very short and most die before the age of 30.

They are at war with the humans because they need the water supply and much of their food comes from “M” which is a restaurant that is located on almost every corner in their city. The food from there is described as tasting good (until you swallow) and lacking in nutritional value. Does this sound familiar? It sounds a lot like McDonalds to me.

There are quite a few other instances where the reader will see parallels between our society and the cyborg society throughout the story.


I have to give this book a 4.5 star rating out of 5. Even though this is a sequel, I enjoyed this book even more than the first one.

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