The Intellectual Toolkit of Geniuses by I.C. Robledo


THE INTELLECTUAL TOOLKIT OF GENIUSES: 40 Principles That Will Make You Smarter and Teach You to Think Like a Genius
By: I.C. Robledo

* I received a free ebook copy of this title in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

This is a short book (only 37 pages) that outlines 40 principles of how geniuses think. The author believes that if people follow these principles, that these same people can learn to think like a genius.

The author states, “Ask what you would teach if you were in charge of the school system,” and he makes an interesting point. He is correct in stating that schools just teach students to read and then regurgitate facts. Students are rarely taught the “why” behind those facts. This is a fundamental flaw in the current educational system.

The author makes some interesting observations and in general I believe his list of principles are sound.

“Great geniuses do not make excuses. They are prepared to put in the work and learn on their own if required.”


Overall I think this short book is an interesting and informative read. Most of the advice offered by the author is intelligent and well thought out.

This book deserves a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and is worth reading.

It’s length is such that anyone and everyone should be able to find the time to read it in it’s entirety in a single day.

“Intelligence can be improved, depending on how you choose to use your brain.”

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