Dark Deeds (Volume Two) by Susan Fleet


DARK DEEDS: Volume 2: Serial Killers, Stalkers and Domestic Homicides by Susan Fleet

I received a free ebook of DARK DEEDS: Volume Two free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This is a true crime collection of 13 short stories. Each story is thoroughly researched and carefully laid out.

I like the fact that the author has obviously spent a great deal of time ensuring that the facts of each case are carefully laid out and that there was an update at the end of each story as to where the criminal is now. However, in Chapter Twelve, when referring to the case of Scott Dekraai, it states that his trial was set for March 24, 2014. Since that date passed many months ago, I would be interested in knowing what the outcome of the trial was. Since this is an ebook, it should be relatively easy to update that chapter.

The one thing that I found distracting was the headers above sections of the stories. I do not think these headers are necessary. In fact, they cause a break in the flow of the story.

My overall response to this collection of true-crime stories is positive.

The author has meticulously researched each and every case and has presented all the main facts in each case.

Readers of true-crime fiction should enjoy these quick and easy-to-read stories.

Readers can visit the author’s blog at: http://darkdeeds.susanfleet.com/blog_1.php

I rate this book as 4 out of 5 stars.


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