Unworthy by Joanne Armstrong is a 5 Star Read!


UNWORTHY by Joanne Armstrong

Engaging and riveting. This is a book you will not want to put down. I suggest you settle in and enjoy the story. This book deserves a reader’s undivided attention.

I received a free eBook copy of ‘Unworthy’ in exchange for a fair and honest review.

This book is a Young Adult Dystopian fiction novel. It is the first novel written by this author. This fact is absolutely shocking to me. UNWORTHY is so well written and expertly edited that I assumed it had been written by a seasoned author. If this is only her first novel, I can’t wait to read the next one.

Set two hundred years in the future, the world’s population has been decimated by “The Sickness.” People have banded together and live in Hubs. A group known as ‘The Polis’ protect the people. But there is a catch.

When children are born they are tested to see if they are strong enough to survive. Those deemed “Unworthy” are set out at night in the wilderness. If they survive the night they are allowed to join the community. If they die, it is deemed a kindness. Even if they survive the night, most of those babies die within their first year.
Those that live are marked as “Unworthy” forever.

To be marked as “Unworthy” carries with it distinct disadvantages. Medical care is denied to them and they are not seen as good mating choices since people worry that their children will be born too weak to survive.

Arcadia has always dreamed of leaving the hub and living free from the Polis and from the stigma of being Unworthy, but is it really better away from the Hub?

What is out there?

When a Polis soldier appears at her door and orders her to come with him, Arcadia’s entire world changes.

As Arcadia learns more about the world, she begins to realize that she has been kept in the dark her entire life.

What secret is the hub hiding? What secrets are the Polis hiding? And what can one girl do about any of it?

This book is different from many others I have read. It is sort of a cross between “The Giver,” “Mockingjay,” “Contagion” and “Logan’s Run.” But even those comparisons do not do this book justice.

This is Dystopian fiction at it’s very best. The story ‘sucked me in’ right from the first page. The characters are exquisitely human and exceedingly well written. Being able to create a bond between readers and fictional characters is not a simple task, but Joanne Armstrong makes it look easy.

This book follows such a logical path that readers will empathize with Arcadia and will become emotionally involved in her story. As Arcadia learns more about her world, so does the reader. Arcadia’s responses and feelings about what she learns mimics exactly what the reader is feeling. It is this empathy that will keep readers from being able to put this book down.

This book makes my list of the top 5 Dystopian fiction books I have read this year.

I sincerely believe that if this book gets the right publisher and the publicity it deserves, it could easily become a bestseller.

I am now a fan of Joanne Armstrong and I can’t wait to read what’s next.

To find out more about the author of UNWORTHY, visit her on the web at: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/joarmstrong

This book rates 5 out of 5 stars.

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