The Fear and the Solace (The Kyrennei – Book 2) by Arie Farnam


(Book Two of The Kyrennei series)

I received a free copy of this eBook in exchange for a fair and honest review.

“What if the forces of hatred could steal your soul?”

From Goodreads:

“Despair has always dogged the heels of those who defy Addin mind control. Now Aranka Miko, the girl who could shield the resistance against infiltration, has gone down in a rain of bullets.”

“Twenty-two-year-old Cho is the temporary commander of the J. Company compound in Montana when disaster strikes. The scouting team with Aranka was ambushed and the first spark of hope in a thousand years is lost. If the rest are captured, their wills and minds will be usurped by the Addin cult. Then Cho will be on her own in a secret war that cannot be won. Two of her closest friends are already dead and the man she loves is at the epicenter of the peril. ”

“Hope is a fragile thing and fear is a constant companion. It’s the twenty-first century, right now, in America and everything looks just fine on the surface. But a clandestine force controls the highest seats of power and will stop at nothing to stamp out resistance. The ancient Meikan people, like Cho, have lived in terror of the Addin for generations, and those who dared to stand up to its power were shunned as outlaws by their own people. Then a mere girl fulfilled an almost forgotten prophecy and hope briefly flowered in unlikely places. But does a giant even notice the crushing of a single flower? One girl is easy enough to kill.”

My Review:

This book picks up immediately where Book One ends.

The main problem that I see with this fact is that readers will not easily be able to follow the story if they have not read the first book. This is not a stand alone novel.

Jace, Aranka, Kenyen and a few other J-Company members had gone out scouting for potential Kyrennei. Unfortunately, the scouting mission went awry and two team members were killed. Aranka narrowly escaped capture by jumping off a bridge. She is presumed dead, but in fact, she survived the fall and is searching for Meikans to assist her in contacting and returning to J-Company.

The rest of Aranka’s group were searching everywhere for her and had just about given up hope that she survived when Tranh stumbles across her. They narrowly escape the Addin and return to the hidden compound.

The winter snows in the group and they start to notice that the teenagers and even some of the younger Meikan children that Aranka had identified as being Kyrennei were falling ill. They complained of joint pain and fatigue.

It soon became clear that they were changing. They were becoming Kyrennei, just like Aranka.

When the opportunity arises to raid an Addin facility that has imprisoned dozens of Kyrennei children, J-Company must decide whether to raid the facility and rescue them or sacrifice the children and wait until there were more Kyrennei imprisoned and rescue them at a future date. When discussing their options and what Jace thought of the issue, the author writes: “He thought of it as a game of numbers and the numbers could be better.”

Should J-Company rescue the current prisoners and therefore lose the element of surprise making future raids more difficult? Or should they wait and let the children/prisoners die in hopes of saving more lives in the future? Basically it is a question of whether the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many?

This is an age-old debate. Governments face this problem on a daily basis when deciding where to allocate funding. Do they put more money into cancer research or do they use that money to fund research on Aids or heart disease. It may not be exactly the same as the situation outlined in this book, but it does give readers genuine food for thought.

The dilemma faced by J-Company will make readers think about things in a way they may not have before reading this book. I LOVE THAT! It would be an interesting topic for a book club discussion.

The story continues on by outlining the ongoing struggles of J-Company and the Kyrennei children they rescued.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and thought it was a terrific continuation of the series.

The author skillfully uses teasers throughout the book that foreshadow events to come, enticing the reader.

I also love the way the author has introduced the concept of standing up for what is right even when taking a stand could potentially cause problems. It is an interesting dilemma and I found the various ways different people responded to the same situation both interesting and very realistic.

I rate this book as 4.5 out of 5 stars and I am looking forward to reading Book Three which is already available.

The Kyrennei will enchant readers and many will wish they could join J-Company in their fight against the Addin.

This is s great read and well worth buying.

To learn more about this author and this book series, visit her on the web at:


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