SHADE by Marilyn Peake


SHADE by Marilyn Peake

I received a free eBook copy of SHADE in exchange for an honest review.

Shade’s Mom is weird. This is easily demonstrated by the fact that she named her daughter, Galactic Shade Griffin.

Shade’s mother decides they need to move and rents an old Victorian-style home for them to live in. Shade hates that she has to change schools. No one wants to be the new girl in high school.

As soon as they arrive at the rental house strange things start to happen. Shade is seeing lights turn on and off on their own and she is even hearing voices.

When she discovers that she now shares her home with a ghost, Shade needs to redefine “normal”.

As if dealing with sharing your home with a ghost is not enough to deal with, Shade’s best friend goes missing.

This is a young adult novel with many paranormal elements. It is also a mystery novel.

Many issues that are relevant to today’s youth are touched on in this book. Drug abuse, addiction and cutting are all mentioned. However, this is not a self-help story. This is not about how Shade overcomes her crappy life despite the odds. It is a mystery.


*Do NOT read the rest of this review if you are not prepared to be made aware of a major plot point.*

I had a couple issues with this book. Firstly, when Shade mentions her drunken mother in front of school officials and police officers, they ignore the comments. This is unrealistic. It is the duty of all police and school officials to report suspected abuse to the appropriate authorities. Children’s Services would have been informed, or those who failed to report it could be held liable.

The second issue I had was that the missing girl’s room were obviously never searched by the police. This is unlikely. If the rooms had been searched, the letters, etc. that were found by Shade and her friends would not have been there for them to find. I realize that this was a necessary part of the plot, but having them hidden better so that the police had missed them would have been more believable.

The third and final issue is the most serious one. This book is just NOT believable. Three teenagers find a basement filled with beds that have handcuffs dangling from them, but they don’t call the police or tell their parents? With three girls missing? Really??? I don’t think so.

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I rate this book as 3 out of 5 stars.

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