WAR OF THE WIVES By: Tamar Cohen


By: Tamar Cohen

I received a paperback copy of WAR OF THE WIVES through the Goodreads Giveaway program.

This book is already available in Canada, but the US release date is in February 2015. The copy I received was an ARC of the US version of the paperback with the cover as shown above. The Canadian Cover is different and looks like this:


From The Back Cover:

“Think marriage means happily-ever-after? Think again…”

“Selina and Lottie are complete opposites. Where Selina is poised but prudish, Lottie is quirky and emotional. Selina is the dutiful mother of three children and able manager of their stylish suburban home. Lottie lives with her eccentric teenage daughter in a small city apartment fit to bursting with color and happy chaos. But these women also have one shocking similarity: they’re married to the same man… and they’ve just found out he’s dead.”

“Selina has been married to Simon Busfield for twenty-eight years. Lottie for seventeen. Neither knew a thing about the other until the day of Simon’s funeral, where the scandalous truth is revealed in front of everyone they know. Another wife, another family… And they’ve only just scratched the surface of Simon’s incredible betrayal.”

“With dark humor and razor-sharp wit, Cohen expertly unravels a story of deception and betrayal, where two very different families will discover they are entwined in ways that will change them all forever.”

My Review:

Tamar Cohen has written a book that contains such amazing descriptions of what the main characters are going through, that you cannot help but empathize with them.

It would have been so easy to paint Lottie as a conniving, home-wrecker who steals Simon away from his true wife and family. But, Lottie is as much a victim as Selina is.

Potential readers may question how Selina and Lottie were both able to be fooled for seventeen long years, but the author has done an amazing job of making this unlikely scenario come across as entirely plausible. Readers whose husbands travel often for work, or who maintain work residences in other countries may start to wonder about their own husband’s fidelity.

The tragedy in all this is the children. Lottie has the youngest child who is now sixteen years old, while Selena’s three children range in age from seventeen to being in their twenties. Betrayal by a husband can be accepted, but how do you handle being betrayed by the father you worshiped? And what is it like to suddenly realize that you have a half-sister that you knew nothing about?

This story is gripping and emotional and yet I found myself actually laughing out loud a few times.

This is a fascinating look at a seriously dysfunctional situation and one that will keep you reading long into the night. The twist at the end is as surprising as it is satisfying. It is not often that the ending to a story takes me by surprise, but this one did. I say, “Bravo” to that.

This book will make readers thankful that their own lives are nothing like the lives of the Busfields.

My favorite quote from the book:

“I know how you can think you know someone, only to find the person you thought you knew turns out to be a hollow timber structure with someone entirely different inside – a plastic wheelie bin of a someone. I know about love, and I know about loss and how any minute the solid ground can give way beneath your feet, revealing the chasm that’s been there all along, waiting to suck you in.”

I rate this book as 4.5 out of 5 stars.

More information about this book can be found at http://www.MIRABooks.com

To find out more about author, Tamar Cohen visit: https://m.facebook.com/pages/Tamar-Cohen/258157084299835

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