Rings of Passage by Karla Tipton


RINGS OF PASSAGE: A Time Travel Novel with Richard III by Karla Tipton

* I received a free ebook copy of RINGS OF PASSAGE from the author in exchange for an honest review. *

Wow! The action starts immediately in this book.

Anise Wynford starts her day at a farmhouse in Massachusetts, then somehow she finds herself in the middle of a medieval battlefield astride a horse and wearing a suit of armor.

“In horror, Anise watched a battleaxe hack into the skull of an unhorsed knight. His blood, bone and brains splattered in all directions…My God, this isn’t some historical reenactment! It’s real.”

The year is 1485. Richard III is King of England. He is haunted by past events. His beloved wife, Anne and their only son, Edward are both dead. Richard is in mourning. He is miserable and sees his own death as an escape. He is not suicidal, but he does not shy away from danger either.

In the present day, Anise is the daughter of a semi-famous actress. She grew up unaware that the man she thought was her father was in fact, not her biological father. She only becomes privy to this information when her biological father leaves her a farmhouse in his will.

Anise moves to Massachusetts to the farmhouse and accepts the role of Anne in a local playhouse production of Richard III. While still in costume, she has a panic attack and runs out of the theatre. Heading home, she somehow ends up back in the past. Richard finds her in distress and carries her back to the castle.

Anise finds herself falling for this King whom history has treated so unfairly. But, she knows he is destined to die and that date is quickly approaching. Also, he is a king and she is no one. How will she save his life? Can she save his life? If she saves him what will happen to history? She could change things and end up wiping herself from existence. Is there any hope for her? How will she ever get home? How will she return to her own time?

This book is a story of time-travel, intrigue and romance with a bit of magic thrown in for good measure.

The author actually travelled to England to learn more about it’s history and about Richard III. This is clearly evident in her work. Her attention to detail makes for an authentic and compelling reading experience.
I cannot help but be impressed with the author’s dedication to authenticity and detail.

To learn more about this author and to view more of her books, visit her website at: http://www.karlatipton.com

To read more of my reviews visit my blog at https://amiesbookreviews.wordpress.com

I rate this book as 4 out of 5 stars.

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