FRACTURED by Erin Hayes


FRACTURED by Erin Hayes

I received this book for free on

Although I enjoyed this book it was rife with proofreading and editing errors. Most of these errors should have been caught easily by a good proofreader such as saying, “hit air” rather than “hot air.” Another example is: “She held her breath, clutching her stake her to chest…” It is a simple matter of saying “to her chest” instead of “her to chest”, but it made it into the final book. Anytime simple errors like this occur in a ‘completed’ novel it detracts from the reader’s experience. That always factors into the rating I give any book.

Lily and Bathsheba (called Bash for short) are identical twins. But, even though they look alike, they are completely different.

Lily is the wild child. Bash is the good girl. At the age of three Bash has an epileptic fit at a playground and ends up permanently blind.

The girl’s parents dote on Bash and mostly ignore Lily right up until the day they are killed in a car accident when the girls are teenagers.

As girls in their twenties, they do not live together. Lily spends her life partying and drowning her sorrows with alcohol and inappropriate sexual partners.

When Lily meets Seth at the coffee shop where she works, she feels an instant deep attraction to him and invites him to a party that same night. Unfortunately for Lily, she had invited Bash as well and as soon as Seth meets Bash they become a couple.

Lily and Bash, along with Seth and some other friends plan a ski trip together. What should have been an idyllic week of fun in the snow instead turns into a nightmare. One that they may not survive.

This book has a bit of romance in it, but the main story can only be classified as a supernatural horror.

Ancient demons, ghosts, and horrible nightmare creatures make this a very scary tale.

I rate this book as 3 out of 5. It could have been 4 out of 5 if there weren’t so many editing errors and if some of the holes in the plot were fleshed out a bit better.

All in all, it is a decent horror story.

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