DREAMWALKERS -Wolf Point #2 by Kate Spofford


DREAMWALKERS – Wolf Point – Book Two
By: Kate Spofford

* I received a free eBook of ‘Dreamwalkers’ from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

This is the second book in the Wolf Point series. The first book focuses on Daniel. Daniel turns sixteen and is taken out into the woods with his father and uncles. They do not tell Daniel why he is there or what to expect. Daniel awakens the next day covered in blood and surrounded by the mutilated bodies of his family. He panics and runs away. He has no memory of killing the men, but he knows that he must have been the murderer. He lives like a vagrant and is constantly on the move. He often awakens to find that he has killed again and he believes he is going insane.

Kayla sets out from her home in Wolf Point to find Daniel. She explains to him that he is not a merciless, soulless killer; he is a werewolf. She tells Daniel that he needs to return home to lead his ‘pack’. But, Daniel does not follow the plan. He sneaks away from her one night and disappears.

Kayla gives up on Daniel and returns home. Her pack consists only of herself, her mother and her Aunt (Daniel’s mother).

The beginning of this book actually runs parallel to the story in HITCHHIKERS but in DREAMWALKERS the story is told from Kayla’s perspective rather than Daniel’s.

Kayla does not want to admit to the women that she found Daniel and that she failed to convince him to return home, so instead she lies. She informs the women that she was unable to find Daniel and that he is likely dead.

A rival pack of werewolves, led by the evil Geo, is determined to assimilate the women of the Wolf Point pack into his own.

While Kayla was searching for Daniel, the women have added a long lost cousin to their pack, by the name of Remy Loupe. He sounds like a “hunk”, but the fact remains that he is related to the women by blood.

Kayla wants to lead her pack. She doesn’t believe that only men can be “Alphas.” What she doesn’t know is just how large Geo’s pack has become or exactly how they are going to fight them.

Remy has knowledge that Kayla needs. She has developed a skill called Dreamwalking through which she is able to enter into the dreams of other people and other werewolves. Kayla needs Remy to help her refine her skills.

She also learns that although her family are born werewolves, that is not the only way werewolves are made. Geo has been adding to his pack by biting people. These people then turn into werewolves as well.

Kayla knows that they will have to fight. But, will her small pack have any chance against Geo? And, where is Daniel? Will he ever return?

The one part of the plot that I found disturbing is the incestuous nature of the Wolf Point pack. I suppose that it makes sense, and historically this type of thing happened all the time, with many Kings and Queens marrying family members in order to keep their bloodlines “pure.” However, in modern day society this is taboo and for good reason. I found it distasteful and disturbing that Kayla’s mother is so willing for her sixteen year old daughter to marry her twenty-something cousin. It actually grossed me out. Fortunately Kayla is strong willed and resists her mother’s plan. If this actually happened in the real world, her mother would be arrested for endangering a child.

This book moves along the story of the Wolf Point pack and is an interesting read. I am looking forward to reading more in the third book.

If it were not for the incest part of this story (which I do understand is necessary for the plot) I would have rated this book as 5 out of 5 stars. As it is I give it a rating of 4 stars.

There are some terrific action scenes and the flashbacks that Kayla experiences help to flesh out the story. The Dreamwalking angle is an interesting twist. Overall I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to SCAVENGERS which is the third book in the series.




To learn more about this author, visit her online at https://katespofford.wordpress.com

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