FANTASY OF FROST : The Tainted Accords Book One by Kelly St Clare


Book One of the Tainted Accords
By: Kelly St. Clare

* I received a free eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

This is a captivating novel by a brilliant new writer. It both compelling and riveting and is destined for the bestseller list.

The characters are so detailed and so well developed that you can’t help but view them as real.

‘Fantasy of Frost’ is a pulse-pounding, heart-wrenching and emotionally fueled fantasy adventure that will keep you reading long into the night.

Olina is seventeen and is the Tatuma of the world of Osolis. She has worn a veil throughout her entire life and no-one has ever seen her face; and that includes her. There are no mirrors in the palace where she lives and her mother, the Tatum or ruler of Osolis has even gone aso far as to drain the only body of water near their home to prevent Olina from viewing her image. Olina has been threatened with imprisonment if she allows anyone to look at her without her veil.

Even though she is the heir to the throne, and will one day assume the role of Tatum, she has been abused mentally and physically at the orders of her own mother since she was a child.

Despite the beatings and the constant mental abuse, Olina is strong of mind and spirit. She has been secretly training and honing her fighting skills for years. She is planning for the future. “Mother will not destroy me, or her insane brother. I will survive this and when I rule, it will all be worth it.”

When a group of delegates arrive from Glacium, Olina is unaware that their visit will change her life forever.

The Glacium delegates are led by Prince Kedrick, the brother of Glacium’s current King.

Kedrick and Olina are as different as night and day in most ways, however, something draws them together.

Despite having never seen her face and despite their very different cultures, Kedrick and Olina fall in love, but their relationship must be kept a closely guarded secret. If anyone found out it could mean all-out war between the two worlds.

Olina finally agrees to reveal her face to Kedrick on the night that he is to return to Glacium. What happens that night will change not only the fates of Olina and Kedrick but also the fates of their two opposing worlds.

This is a tale filled with secrets, betrayal, lies and even more secrets. It is also a tale of love and compassion and the desire to make life better for the citizens of both Osolis and Glacium.

Revenge, assassination attempts, brutal murders, intrigues and deceptions abound in this compelling and heart-pounding tale.

The setting is unique and the details of the two worlds being them to life with a detail that is unlikely to be rivaled by any but the very best authors. The juxtaposition of the two world being almost exact opposites while being codependent on each other is an intriguing twist. There are just enough details to make these worlds come to life without being so detailed that the writing becomes mired down in descriptions.

Olina is a strong female lead and she shows a maturity beyond her years, while at the same time still occasionally displaying the immaturity expected of a sheltered eighteen year old. The author has done a magnificent job of maintaining that delicate balance.

There are a couple twists in the novel which surprised me. The reason behind Olina wearing the veil was not what I expected. I thought her eyes were going to yellow or some other shocking color and that there had been a prophecy written about someone being born with that specific eye color changing the world (for better or worse, I wasn’t sure). I was definitely wrong. The reason for the veil was very different from my guess.

I loved the ending to the book. It left me wishing that the second book was already available because I did not want to stop reading. It will be interesting to see what happens next in Olina’s life and we are left tantalized about exactly what negotiations are going on between King Jovan and the Tatum of Osolis.

‘The Tainted Accords’ series promises to be a new favorite. It is hard to believe that this is a debut novel. It is written with confidence and maturity. I am a fan of Kelly St. Clare and I am counting down the days until I can get my hands on FANTASY OF FLIGHT – the second book in The Tainted Accords series.

Favorite Quotes From This Book:

“When I finally fall into an exhausted sleep, I have wonderful dreams of a life without my mother.”

I heartily give this book 5 out of 5 stars! Lovers of many different genres will enjoy this book. It fits into the following categories: Fantasy, Young Adult, Drama, Adventure, Romance, New Adult and even a few more.

About The Author:


Kelly is originally from New Zealand and now lives in Australia with her soon-to-be husband.
Kelly’s goal is to write books that she would want to read.
To learn more about her, visit her website at

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