Hoarder in the Down Deep by Marilyn Peake – BOOK REVIEW


By: Marilyn Peake

Published 2015
Length: 57 pages
Available for purchase only on Amazon

* I received a free electronic copy of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

First I feel that I must comment on the absolutely stunning cover of this novella. Kudos go out to Mike Tabor for creating such a gorgeous cover.

This story is set in the world of “Wool” created by author High Howey. This is FAN FICTION.

I have been fascinated by the world of “Wool” ever since reading Hugh Howey’s series. If you have not yet read this series, you must read it as soon as possible. It is a fascinating world rich in detail and depth.

In “Hoarder in the Down Deep” couples are banned from having children unless they are chosen to do so in a lottery based system. This is necessary for population control as they live in a silo that is built deep into the earth. The silo can only sustain a limited number of inhabitants or resources will be depleted and everyone’s lives could be jeopardized.

Evangeline Hubbard, like all other women of child-bearing age in the silo, has had a birth control device implanted to prevent pregnancy as required by law. Evangeline is a farmer in the down deep.

This story is set during the period of time when Sheriff Holston and his wife had won the lottery and were given a year to conceive a child. Six months into their one year of allotted time, his wife Allison has yet to become pregnant.

During this time Evangeline discovers that the implants sometimes fail. This failure causes a chain of events that will impact her life forever.

This story combines all the things fans of “Wool” will want to read with a truly exceptional tale of what emotional trauma can do to a person’s psyche.

It is well written and I read the entire novella in a single sitting.

I rate “Hoarder in the Down Deep” as 5 out of 5 stars. Marilyn Peake has written a tale that Hugh Howey should be proud to have as part of his series. This is Fan Fiction at its finest. I hope the author decides to write more stories based on Hugh Howey’s “WOOL” series. If she does I will be first in line to read them.



Marilyn Peake is the author of both novels and short stories. Her publications have received excellent reviews. Marilyn’s one of the contributing authors in Book: The Sequel, published by The Perseus Books Group, with one of her entries included in serialization at The Daily Beast. In addition, Marilyn has served as Editor of a number of anthologies. Her short stories have been published in seven anthologies and on the literary blog, Glass Cases.

To learn more about the author of HOARDER IN THE DOWN DEEP visit http://www.marilynpeake.com

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