Author: Kristen Day

* I received a free electronic version of this book from in exchange for an honest review.*

“I always felt like I was different, but I never dreamed just how different that was.”

Hannah had a rough life growing up. Abandoned by her parents before her first birthday and raised in a succession of equally bad foster homes, she is finally adopted at age thirteen. At the age of seventeen Hannah’s ‘parents’ send her to a Shrink due to her recurring nightmares and blackouts.

When the Shrink decides to have her sent to a boarding school for “kids like her”, Hannah is apprehensive. She envisions the school as being full of drooling, crazy teenagers. To her surprise when she arrives at the House of Lorelai’ on Bald Head Island, North Carolina, she realizes her fears were unfounded. In fact, The House of Lorelai is located on the ocean and Hannah’s dorm room even hosts an oceanfront balcony. The three girls that share her ‘apartment’ all seem to be amazing and the four girls bond immediately.

Hannah learns that “kids like her” does not mean crazy. In fact, all the students at the House of Lorelai are descendants of the gods and goddesses of the sea. This could have been unbelievable, but for Hannah it actually explains quite a few things.

For years Anastasia/Hannah has been having vivid dreams and during the few months leading up to her admittance to boarding school she has dreamed of a gorgeous but dangerous seeming boy with startling eyes. When the figure from her dreams appears in person at the school she is drawn to him. His name is Finn and everyone warns her to stay away from him because he is cursed. Anastasia does not allow anyone else’s opinions or superstitions cloud her judgement and decides to rely on her own instincts.

There are many people who are glad to see Anastasia and who welcome her with open arms. However, there seem to be some people who want nothing less than Anastasia’s death.

Anastasia must find a way to discover her heritage and to develop her special abilities and to stay alive.

There are many twists and turns in this story. Readers will find themselves swept up in this enchanting tale.

Magic, mystery and romance all combine to make FORSAKEN a truly wonderful read. Using the ocean and the House of Lorelai school setting offers an abundance of majestic settings in which Anastasia can fulfill her destiny.

This book is perfect for young adult readers. There is romance but no sex. There is violence but no gore. There is adventure. There is whimsy. There is magic. And there are friendships and love. The main character of this book is like breath of fresh air, she has had a hard life, but does not allow that fact to turn her into a jaded or harsh person. She has strength and shows great resilience. The author has created a tough but fair heroine who uses her brain as well as her brawn. Even the relationship between Finn and Anastasia is well written. Their young love shines like a lighthouse beacon on a rocky ocean shore.

Once you begin this book you will not want to put it down. I am eager to start reading “Awaken – Daughters of the Sea – Book Two”.

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