By: Paige McKenzie
Based on the web series created by Nick Haven



* I received a free copy of this nook from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

The story begins with Sunshine and her mother moving into their newly rented home. Her Mom had found the house on Craigslist when she was offered a new job as Head Nurse of the neo-natal department at Ridgemont Hospital. The new job necessitated that they move from their home state of Texas all the way to the Pacific Northwest in Washington state.

The house is located at the end of a dead-end street and Sunshine’s first impression of her new home is that it is “creepy”. In fact, the entire town seems to be creepy. The gray weather and the darkness generated by being surrounded by so many massive, ancient Douglas for trees all add to the overall impression of “creepiness”.

Sunshine hears footsteps on the second floor on the first night and swears that she heard a young girl giggle. When she mentions these experiences to her mother, her mother rationalises the sounds away. Since Sunshine continues to hear footsteps and other strange things every night, she sets out to prove to her mother that their house is  haunted.

Armed with an old-school film camera, Sunshine is on a mission. She wants to capture the ghost on film and prove to her mother, once and for all, that the ghost is real and not a figment of her imagination.

Sunshine meets and befriends a boy named Nolan. She reluctantly tells him about the strange things happening to her. She is convinced that he will think she is crazy and is pleasantly surprised to find that he believes her. Now they just need to decide exactly what they are going to do about it? They also need to discover who is haunting their home and why.

Brilliantly imagined with moments if pure terror that will have the reader on the edge of their seat, chewing their fingernails. Until reading this book I thought I had heard of all the supernatural terms that exist. “Luiseach” is a new one.

Before reading this book I was unaware of the web series that it is based on, however I plan to rectify that immediately.

The author has done a great job of creating believable characters. Most books that are based on television shows or movies are not well written. They usuly come across as if someone is describing what they see on the television screen and it comes across as flat and uninspired. THE HAUNTING OF SUNSHINE GIRL is the exception. If I had not been told that this book came after the creation of the web series, I would have thought that the web series was based on the book. Kudos to the author for accomplishing that feat.

I rate this book as 4 out of 5 stars. The ending is the perfect conclusion as well as a tantalizing cliffhanger. Obviously there will be more to come about Sunshine and Nolan and I am looking forward to reading what happens next.

To learn more about the web series that inspired this novel, go to:


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