By: Tonya Kuper (Debut author)

Genre: Young Adult
Version of Book: Paperback
Length: 284 pages

ANOMALY is author, Tonya Kuyper’s debut novel.

Josie’s birthday already sucks, and it’s only noon. Her boyfriend breaks up with her because she won’t “put out.” Her father is off somewhere on business and she hasn’t talked to him in months and she just found out that the summer internship she had been counting on has fallen through. All in all her seventeenth birthday seriously sucks.

Two teenagers pull into the school parking lot riding motorcycles. She is intrigued and silently wishes that when the lead rider takes off his helmet that he will look like her dream guy. No sooner than she makes the wish, she experiences a brief, but intense migraine. To her surprise, when the helmet is removed, he looks EXACTLY how she hoped he would; right down to the tattoo peeking out of his sleeve.

His name is Reid Wentworth and he is there to secretly keep Josie safe. It is also his job to shatter Josie’s world. He knows all about her. In fact, he knows more about her than Josie knows about herself.

Josie is looked at by her classmates as a “nerd”. She readily admits to being different, and even a bit nerdy, but as far as she is concerned, she is not a nerd. She prefers to be called a “dork” – thank you very much.

When weird things start happening to her, Josie learns that her world is nothing like she thought it was. Josie also learns that she is special. She is capable of amazing things. She is able to “Push” objects into existence.

Reid tells her that there are people looking for her and that if they find her they will not hesitate to kill her and her entire family.

Josie and Reid must complete a special mission and stay alive, all while being hunted by a powerful organization.

ANOMALY is so well written and thoroughly thought out that readers will be shocked to discover that this is author Tonya Kuyper’s first book. Judging by ANOMALY, this author has a great future ahead of her. I am now a fan!

This book actually made me laugh out loud a few times. Tonya Kuper writes some terrific one-liners such as: “I felt like I was wearing Princess Leia’s buns at a Star Trek convention.” Those who aren’t Sci-Fi fans may not get the joke, but for those of us who are, this is a great joke.

Despite the moments of hilarity, this book has a wonderfully written dramatic side and is not only a science fiction/ adventure story but also a tale of coming-of-age.

This book is the first in a series. I hope the next book is released soon. Too bad I can’t just “Push” a copy for myself right now!
I rate this book as 5 out of 5 stars.

Tonya Kuyper earned an MS in Reading Education. It was during her education when she fell in love with the Young Adult genre. She is now a married Mom with two boys and lives in Nebraska.

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Favorite Quotes:

“She reminded me of Tinkerbell – sassy and cute until you pissed her off.”

“This ass with the action-figure hair was breaking up with me – on my birthday!”

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