By Linda B. Collins
Genre: Non-Fiction, How-To

* I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

I had high hopes for this book. Since my blog is only a few months old I am very interested in making it more appealing to my current and potential followers.

I was put off this book right from the introduction. It is hard to take someone’s advice seriously when what they have written comes across as amateurish. An introduction is just that. It is the reader’s first impression of not only the author, but of the expected content of their book.

The introduction seems to me like it was written by someone whose first language is not english. That in itself is not a bad thing, but without a competent editor and/or proofreader it comes across as amateurish. This is not the impression an author should want to make. If you are writing a book about blogging “like a pro” then what you write should come across as professional.

For example, the author writes:

“It’s true that the more you read, the more you write better and the more you write the more you write the better.”

This is atrocious grammar. It should read: ” It is true that the more you read, the better your writing will be.” This sounds much more professional and actually makes sense.

This is just one example of many.

Another example:

“Blogging is an amazing experience to discover yourself, know new things about yourself, know about the skills you have and you never know you have.”

My response to that sentence can be summed up best with one word: Yikes!

It should read:

“Blogging can be an amazing experience of self-discovery. Through blogging you will learn more about yourself and perhaps even discover skills that you never knew you possessed.”

There are other problems with this book that need improvement as well.

The author has a horrible habit of using “smilies” such as “:D” this is just ridiculous and again comes across as childish and unprofessional.

The author writes that “… trough many trails and errors I finally started blogging.” I have to assume that she meant to say “Through (not trough) many trials (not trails) and errors I finally started blogging.”

It is errors and typos such as those I have pointed out that will turn readers away from this book. It is impossible to take advice from someone who did not take the time to proofread their product before offering it to the public.

I never want to give an author a low rating on a book. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to write and publish a book. I respect all authors and even when I feel compelled to give a low rating for the sake of honesty, I still applaud the author for their efforts.

There are some valid points and how to’s in this book, and with some polishing, editing and proof reading this book will receive better ratings in the future. In it’s current incarnation I can only rate it as 1 out of 5 stars.


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