MiNRS by Kevin Sylvester – ARC BOOK REVIEW – Release Date September 2015

MiNRS Cover Art


Author: Kevin Sylvester

Type of Book: ARC Paperback

Length: 338 pages

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction – Ages 8-12, Grades 3-7

Release Date: September 22, 2015

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

* I received a free ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of this book through the Goodreads First Reads program.

This book may be targeted at kids ages 8-12 but adults and young adults will enjoy the story as well.

Earth was on the brink of destruction. Perses, a small planetoid was on a collision course with Earth. People thought that they were all going to die. But, Hans Melming came up with an idea that saved Earth from annihilation.

Once disaster was averted, it turned out that Perses could sustain life and also had an abundance of minerals, nutrients and precious metals that Earth needed. So, Melming Mining was born.

Christopher Nichols, Elena Rosales, and their families were among the first to sign up to live, work, and colonize the planet of Perses.

A small number of people lived and worked on Perses and life there was pretty good. Christopher was both proud and excited to be part of what was being called the “Great Mission.”

For the first time ever the planet was set to experience a two month long communications blackout between the colony and Earth. The colonists were ready for it and even planned a party for all the colonists at the onset of the blackout.

They had thought of everything, or so they thought. On the night of the blackout, everyone is attending the party when suddenly bombs start to fall all around them. They are under attack.

There are only a handful of people who survive the attack and they are all kids. They hide in the maze of mining tunnels located deep under the planet’s surface. But, can they survive the two month blackout? and can they find a way to contact Earth once the blackout ends?

This book is an action-packed thrill ride suitable for everyone ages 9 and over.

There are several things I like about MiNRS.

1. I love the title. “MiNRS” can stand for both “miners” for the job of mining the necessary materials, and for “minors” since all of the survivors are under the age of 16.

2. The cover of this book is terrific. It gives off the exact vibe of this story. It draws the eye and makes you want to pick up this book to see what it is about. The cover was designed by Sonia Chaghatzbanian.

3. I like that this book is not all sunshine and roses. People die. People get injured. The kids sometimes fight amongst themselves. Best of all, the kids (even Christopher, their leader) make mistakes. Too many books seem unrealistic because the kids act perfectly, band together seamlessly and make all the right decisions. MiNRS is much more realistic. The kids are scared and they are all traumatized (to varying degrees) by the attack on the colony and the death of their parents.

4. I love that this book has a moral to the story. In fact, there are several morals that can be learned by reading MiNRS.

5. I also like the fact that this book addresses the problem of Earth’s finite resources. If the Earth had not depleted it’s own resources, they would never have had to turn to another planet to find the materials that Earth so desperately needs.

8. I like the fact that this book is over 300 pages in length. When buying a book I like to know I am getting value for more money.

7. I also enjoyed the ending. It neatly wraps up the storyline and just when you think everything is resolved the author throws a curveball and sets up the next book in the series.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars rating. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I will definitely be on the lookout for the second book in the MiNRS series.

REMINDER: Mark your calendars for the release of MiNRS on September 22, 2015.


MINRS Author Pic Kevin Sylvester

Kevin Sylvester is a writer and illustrator who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

His books: Neil Flambe and the Marco Polo Murders won the 2011 Silver Birch award for Fiction. Neil Flambe and the Aztec Abduction was runner-up in 2012. Neil Flambe and the Crusader’s Curse was up for the 2013 Silver Birch. His picture book Splinters was nominated for the 2012 Blue Spruce! Cathy Rondina and Kevin Sylvester won the Silver Birch for Non-Fiction in 2012 for Don’t Touch that Toad. His book Gold Medal for Weird won the 2009 Silver Birch for Non-Fiction.

He has also been a broadcaster with CBC Radio in Canada for many years.

To find out more about him visit http://kevinsylvesterbooks.com

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