SUBMIT BY TREATY by Kayla Stonor


by Kayla Stonor

edited by Travis Luedke

She offers sanctuary.

He demands sexual torment.


After decades of war, the Qui Empress ushers in a new era when she takes a human tribute as her price for a peace treaty with Earth. She orders the surrender of all human prisoners of war.

Qui Commander Meseri is charged with reuniting Lieutenant Zeus Windsor with his team of POWs. She captures a man on the brink of insanity, a lethal soldier who kills any K’lahn in reach.

Zeus lives a fractured existence, forever at war, seeking vengeance for what they did to him and his team. Meseri is Qui, a winged, angelic lizard who shapeshifts into a gorgeous human female. Her Qui form bears an alarming similarity to the winged lizards who tortured and experimented on Zeus, but her intoxicating pheromones transform torture into exquisite delight. He needs Meseri, for his sanity, to master his broken mind, and to live with what was done to him.

For Zeus left a man behind and the guilt eats away at his soul.

Only Meseri can break the cycle and set his mind free. Bound in submission to her sensual torment, Zeus finds new reason to live, and a new addiction – Meseri, a female who was once the enemy and now holds the key to his future.

This sexy alien shapeshifter romance is the fourth in a futuristic collection inspired by Under By Treaty, a space opera romance in Kayla Stonor’s Surrender collection. Each tale in the Qui Treaty Collection is a standalone novella set in the Qui galactic empire, with annihilation of mankind held at bay only through the Treaty consummated between the Qui Empress and the human consort abducted under its terms.

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