5 STARS for SPANNERS: Fountain of Youth by Jon Mass – BOOK REVIEW

Title: SPANNERS: The Fountain of Youth

Author: Jon Maas

Type of Book: Softcover 

Length: 371 pages

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

* I received a free softcover copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This book is simply BRILLIANT! 

The story is unique and the characters are utterly fascinating. 

“Spanners: Fountain of Youth” is a MUST READ book for lovers of Science Fiction as well as those who love alternative history stories.

Have you ever heard of Juan Ponce de Leon and his quest for the Fountain of Youth? 

Most people have at least a vague idea of the story. In fact, if I remember correctly, there is a spring in Florida that some believe, even to this day, is the fabled ‘Fountain of Youth.”

Well, this is so NOT that story. This is something unique. Readers are in for a treat.  

Jon Maas has introduced “Spanners” to the world.

Humans live (on average) from zero to eighty years consecutively, but Spanners don’t. 

Spanners have different life spans from the rest of us. Some Spanners live their lives in reverse, some live only a matter of months and some are literally immortal. 

There are hundreds of different types of Spanners and each type is unique. In addition to their varying life spans, they also have various powers. 

Just like regular humans there are “good” Spanners and there are “evil” Spanners. But, how do you stop an evil Spanner if he can’t be killed? 

The ancient Arawalk Indians thought they had the perfect solution; bury them deep underground in a stone casket and leave them to spend eternity in a box under the earth. 

But what happens when someone uncovers that casket and sets the being inside free?

You will need to read “Spanners: Fountain of Youth” to find out. 

I can vouch that this book will completely suck you in. It is literally impossible to put down. In fact, I suggest you set aside a couple days and clear your schedule of everything other than reading this book YES, IT IS THAT GOOD. 

Not only is the story fascinating, but the plot is incredible as well. The variety of different Spanners that Jon Maas has created are AWESOME. These ‘beings’ should come across as ridiculous or at least as unbelievable, but somehow the author has made their very existence seem perfectly logical and highly believable. The different variations of Spanners and their “class” is so well written that readers may start to wonder if perhaps there are Spanners in their own neighbourhood. 

As far as I am concerned this book is a MUST READ and I quite happily and with complete confidence rate it as 5 out of 5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

I am also excited about the fact that this book has been made into a movie and I can’t wait to go see it. To watch the movie trailer go to:

The movie has won multiple awards since it’s release and I am hoping that it will be screened here in Ontario, Canada soon. 

Check out http://www.spannersthemovie.com 


Jon Maas was born in New Haven, Connecticut and grew up in San Antonio, Texas. After graduating from Stanford University with degrees in Biology and History, he’s earned a living as a Musician, Peace Corps Volunteer, Standup Comedian, TV Producer and Web Designer. 

His first novel, “City of gods – Hellenica” has been well received, and his second book, ‘Spanners: The Fountain of Youth’ won the award for ‘Best Young Adult Fiction’ at the 2014 San Francisco Book Festival, as well as ‘Best Science Fiction’ at the 2015 IndieReader Discovery awards.

‘Spanners: The Fountain of Youth’ is the sequel to the independent movie ‘Spanners,’ which is currently on the film festival circuit – http://www.spannersthemovie.com

He has released his third book this year, ‘Flare,’ and it has been well-received so far. He is working on another book, which he hopes to release by December 2015.

He writes on his bus commute to and from work, and I am really glad he does.


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