5 Stars well deserved for “NINE FINGERS: The Tucson Ripper” by Tony Bowman- BOOK REVIEW

Title: NINE FINGERS: The Tucson Ripper 

Author: Tony Bowman

Type of Book: eBook

Length: Novella

Genre: Paranormal Fiction 

Release Date: October 2014 

Publisher: Dark Alley Publishing

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 
⚡️ Please be aware before reading this novella that it contains some graphically violent scenes that may be disturbing to some readers. “Nine Fingers: The Tucson Ripper” is (in my opinion) meant for mature readers ages 18 and up. ⚡️

❗️Right now this novella is available FREE on both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca as well as on Wattpad. 

This is the third work of fiction by Tony Bowman that I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing. The first was a paperback copy of “THE ROAD” which is one the best post-apocalyptic books I have ever read. If you are aware of how many books and audiobooks I read in a single year, then you will realize that for me to rate a book that highly, it has to be very special. You can read a copy of my review of THE ROAD on my blog. I also read his amazing collection of short stories published in an anthology entitled “MORGUE DREAMS AND CURIOUSER THINGS” which I also rated as 5 out of 5 stars. 


The story of Nine Fingers does not begin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, it begins in the south side of Tucson, Arizona.

Rodrigo Diaz has gone insane. At night, he prowls the streets of the south side, ripping his innocent victims to shreds in back alleys.

During the day, he torturers and devours others he has abducted.

The police believe he is a serial killer. But, he is actually something far worse: Rodrigo Diaz is a werewolf.

Ward Rickman has come to Tucson to track down an old friend – track him down and kill him.

Because Ward knows something the police don’t: It takes a werewolf to stop a werewolf.


“Loud noises bothered Rodrigo Diaz. He hadn’t always been so sensitive, but that had been before. Everything was different now.

    The high pitched screams cut through his brain like an ice pick through his eye. “For the love of God, will you shut up?”

    There was a whining noise from the corner of the room. Rodrigo didn’t look up, he was intent on slicing into the meat of the woman’s thigh without cutting into a vein. She could bleed out from such a wound, and the succulent taste of the meat would be ruined.

    “You’re a monster,” the other girl said, she of the high pitched scream. 

    He laid the filleting knife down and looked at her. 


There are only so many adjectives that can be used to describe any book. “Nine Fingers: The Tuscon Ripper” deserves to have every positive adjective used to describe it and possibly even have some brand new adjectives created just for it.

Here are just a few of the things I loved about this book: 

~ Thrilling: this novella will get your heart pumping as you read. Will Ward be able to stop Rodrigo before another innocent victim falls prey to his bestial whims? 

~ Riveting: I do not believe it is possible to put this book down once you begin reading. I read it from start to finish in a single session.

~ Intense: The action begins immediately and is non-stop. 

~Great Character Building: Usually novellas do not contain enough detail for the reader to feel like they really know the characters. This is not the case with “Nine Fingers: The Tucson Ripper”. Tony Bowman has done an outstanding job of making his characters seem real, therefore his readers become invested in the outcome of the story. 

~ I really liked the book’s ending. Not only did it neatly wrap up this portion of the story, but also created a burning desire to find out what happens next, without leaving the reader frustrated by ending the book with a cliffhanger. 

I definitely HAVE TO get a copy of “NINE FINGERS” to discover the rest of Ward’s story. 

I rate the novella “NINE FINGERS: THE TUCSON RIPPER” as 5 out of 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

Put this book on your MUST READ list right away and don’t forget that you can pick up your copy right now for FREE on Amazon. Tony also has three of his works available for free on Wattpad

Also, check out this free audio narration: 


Tony Bowman is a force in fiction writing. He has written several books in various genres. Check out his blog at http://thattonybowman.blogspot.ca 




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