Can’t Wait for this Blog Hop that is coming up in a week – It is all female horror authors

October Frights Blog Hop Coming!

Come join me and a host of other horror and paranormal authors in… 

The October Frights Blog Hop!

Gruesomely ghoulish fun from October 10-15th with paranormal and horror authors. Participants will be posting stories, excerpts, promoting current, upcoming and new releases, and offering prizes and giveaways!

Get the details, rules and sign-up here:

2016 October Frights Blog Hop

What’s Coming here on the blog?

I’m gonna try :

* Some flash fiction

* Drabble Wednesday

* Surprises!

I like AF Stewart’s idea at Are You Afraid of the Dark?

She’s doing: 

  • A Flash Fiction story or two
  • A look at my upcoming poetry book,Horror Haiku and Other Poems
  • An October Frights version of Drabble Wednesday
  • A post on the number 13 in folklore (not as boring as it sounds)
  • A peek at the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and their horror events, tentatively called the Blood Spring
  • Plus, I’ll have some giveaways for my new book and a poster of the book cover

Check out the participants!! See you then! It’s gonna be fun!!

2016 October Frights Blog Hop

October 10-15th Paranormal and Horror Author Blog Tour


  1. Clarissa Johal – Paranormal & Dark Fantasy
  2. greydogtales | Literature, lurchers and life
  3. Leta Hawk: Writing books that go bump in the night
  4. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  5. author Juli D. Revezzo, paranormal & dark fantasy
  6. Ash Krafton, Speculative Fiction Author
  7. GirlZombieAuthors
  8. The Nickronomicon
  9. Curiosities
  10. Frighten Me! – Frighten Me Blog
  11. The Supernatural World of Nicola C. Matthews
  12. Night to Dawn Magazine & Novels, magazine, vampire
  13. YOURS IN STORYTELLING… | Steve Vernon – Nova Sco
  14. Author Katie M. John & Kate John
  15. A Diamond In The Dark | A Writer’s Blog…
  16. S. M. Boyce
  17. Clay and Susan Griffith
  18. Jim McDonald Author Page | There’s madness to my m
  19. Agent 54 : Snyderman – A Halloween Tale
  20. W.J. Howard-Battling Good vs. Evil in Books
  21. Hello Romance
  22. Madeleine Swann | Bizarro, Horror, Weird Fiction
  23. M’Hablas!
  24. The Merry Ghost Hunter
  25. susanne matthews | Living the Dream
  26. Agent 54 : Zombie Lunch
  27. Agent 54 : Zombies Can’t Catch a Break
  28. Blog – Author Lynn Crandallrandall

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