MORE AFTER THE BREAK – A REPORTER RETURNS TO TEN UNFORGETTABLE NEWS STORIES by Jen Maxfield – AUDIOBOOK REVIEW – Can be ordered immediately. This is a must listen, you will not be sorry.





Release Date: JULY 12, 2022


Length: 7 Hours and 44 Minutes 


Received From: NETGALLEY   ²

Rating: 5 OUT OF 5 STARS  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



In More After the BreakJen Maxfield revisits ten memorable stories from her career as a TV news reporter, describing in heart-pounding detail how the events unfolded and revealing what happened after the cameras went away.

She introduces readers to unforgettable people who will inspire you with their hopefulness, even when confronting life’s greatest heartbreaks: a young man who lost both legs in a ferry crash, an endurance athlete with stage-four lung cancer, a fifth grader on a doomed field trip, an Ivy League undergrad sentenced to 1decades in prison, a young woman who gave her life for an animal, a Wall Street executive on an ill-fated bike ride, a preschooler whose health hinged on an immigration battle, a family who lost everything in a hurricane, a mother who fought back against domestic violence, and a man who stood up for his rights while seated in his wheelchair. 

A reporter uncovers the rest of the story.

Returning to find these people years—even decades—after she featured their stories on the news gives Maxfield an opportunity to ask the burning questions she had always pondered: What happened after the live truck pulled away? What is the rest of the story?



“An instant Amazon bestseller the day it was announced for preorders, More After the Break takes readers on a dramatic ride-along in the TV news live truck. Based on her two-decade career as a New York City news reporter, Jen Maxfield writes about everything from the moment she gets the call to head to breaking news, to arriving at chaotic scenes, to knocking on doors of families who are grieving the loss of a loved one.”

Somehow Jen Maxfield is able to narrate the book as if she is having a one on one conversation with the listener. This is a skill I have not come across while listening to audiobooks in the past, but one I very much enjoyed.

I had the privilege of receiving an advance copy of the audiobook version of More After The Break from NetGalley and Greenleaf Audiobooks. The fact that it is not only written by Jen Maxfield, but also narrated by her made the experience of listening an intimate one.

The updates to news stories Jen Maxfield covered in the past made for fascinating and absolutely riveting reading/listening.

Jen has single-handedly changed my preconceived notions of what reporters are like. I had thought that reporters were all jaded and were somehow able to block the normal emotional reactions to tragedy, crime, etc. Now I know better. Jen feels every emotion deeply, so much so that even many years later, she is able to authenticly tap into those emotions and to convey them to her readers/listeners.

The fact that she is both author and narrator, means that she knows exactly what phrases and/or words to emphasize. This makes a huge, positive impact on the reader/listener.

I rate the audiobook version of MORE AFTER THE BREAK as a solid 5 out of 5 Stars.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

I very much hope that she will write a second volume of news story follow up. I am following her on Goodreads so that I will find out immediately if she writes another book.

*** Thank you to #NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this audiobook. ***



Jen Maxfield is an Emmy-award winning reporter and anchor for NBC New York. Prior to joining the station in 2013, she worked for Eyewitness News for ten years, also as a reporter and substitute anchor. Starting her broadcast career in Binghamton, New York, Maxfield worked in Syracuse before moving to New York City in 2002.

Maxfield’s first book, More After the Break: A Reporter Returns to Ten Unforgettable News Stories will be published by Greenleaf Book Group in July of 2022.

Maxfield revisits the most memorable stories she has covered during her two-decade career, describing in heart-pounding detail how the events unfolded through the eyewitness perspectives and her own. Returning to the families years–even decades– after their stories were featured on the news gives Maxfield an opportunity to ask the burning question she had always pondered: what happened after the live truck pulled away?

One review called the book, “impossible to put down,” while another veteran journalist said the book “will strengthen your faith in humanity.”

Maxfield is also an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. She teaches courses in broadcast journalism, including Video 1 and On-Air skills. A graduate of the class of 2000, Maxfield enjoys coming back to her Alma Mater to educate the next generation. She finds it truly rewarding to work with young people as they launch their journalism careers.

Maxfield’s experience in academia has also proved useful when she is coaching other professionals who want to convey their message clearly and cohesively in front of a live audience. Her advice has helped clients feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Because of her live television and lecturing background, Maxfield is an experienced speaker, emcee, and moderator, having hosted dozens of events for various charitable and educational organizations. After thousands of live shots, she is well-prepared her for the unpredictability of a live event.

Maxfield and her husband, Scott Ostfeld, met as undergraduate students at Columbia University. Living in Northern New Jersey with their three children, they enjoy travel, hiking, tennis, and trying out new vegan restaurants and recipes. Maxfield grew up in Tenafly, New Jersey as the oldest of six children. An 8-varsity letter athlete, she held the Tenafly High School high jump record (5’3”) for 26 years. 

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Greenleaf Book Group is a publisher and distributor that specializes in the development of independent authors and the growth of small presses.

Our publishing model was designed to support the independent author and to make it possible for writers to retain the rights to their work and still compete with the major publishing houses.

In addition to the books we publish, we distribute select titles from independent publishers to major trade outlets, including bookstores, libraries, and airports.

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