New Release – DEAD MAN’S CURVE by Canadian author ALEX VAN TOL is a Halloween tale of terror for teens 



Author: ALEX VAN TOL  

Type of Book: EBOOK


Length: 96 PAGES 

Publisher: LEAP BOOKS  

Release Date: OCTOBER 17, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-61603-081-0 

Price:  $1.99 USD

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars đŸŒŸđŸŒŸđŸŒŸ 


Halloween parties in the backwoods where no parents can find you and even the cops aren’t likely to break it up are a long-standing teenage tradition. In fact, they are almost a rite of passage.

In the middle of the National forest in the Virginia backwoods is a stretch of road known as “Dead Man’s Curve.”

It is Halloween night and Booker has  “borrowed” his Dad’s truck for the night. He is driving a few friends home from the party. In the front seat beside him is Rachel; a girl he broke up with two years earlier and he regrets ever letting her go.

Just as the truck reaches Dead Man’s Curve Booker’s phone rings. He knows better than to try to answer it while driving so he just glances at it to see who could possibly be calling him at one o’clock in the morning.

That one second of inattention just might change all of their lives forever … or maybe not. Is the curve the entrance to Hell or is it just a curve in the road?

You will have to read DEAD MAN’S CURVE by Canadian author Alex Van Tol to find out.

The book starts out interesting and then the characters go into the woods and things take a turn for the bizarre. I believe that the scenes that take place are supposed to come across as terrifying, but in my opinion it does not work out that way. Instead, the scenes are just plain odd. However, I understood what the author was trying to do, which is why I chose to give this book a rating of 3 out of 5 Stars 🌟 🌟 🌟 

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book. 




Alex Van Tol is a reader, a writer, an editor, a teacher and a devoted word nerd. Her favourite Sunday involves drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. And then maybe a magazine. And then maybe a novel.

She writes books, articles and web content as well as all kinds of other things that people read. Alex always wanted to be an author when she grew up, and she feels pretty lucky that she has been able to make that happen. (All it took was work, really.) Before she started writing books, she worked as a camp counsellor and then as a middle-school teacher.

Her first book was published in 2010 and she has just finished books #12 and 13 — which will be published later this year and in 2017.

Alex is touring throughout BC this year, visiting schools and talking to students about her books, including her newest, Aliens Among Us: Invasive Animals and Plants in British Columbia and Dead Man’s Curve.

 Right now she is working for clients, writing for magazines and co-authoring the first book in a thrillogy with the incredibly talented Sean Rodman.

Alex likes cloudy days, jazz and indie music, radio programs that make her think, and people who treat other people the way they would like to be treated. She believes that’s the mark of a great person and encourages people to find those ones: they’re keepers.

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