10 worst psychopaths cover pic



Subtitle: The Most Depraved Killers in History

Author: Victor McQueen

Type of Book: EBook

Length: 100 pages

Genre: Non-Fiction, True Crime, Mental Illness

Release Date:  October 30, 2015

Publisher: Arcturus Digital

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


~ I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

“This book looks at some of history’s most notorious and infamous psychopaths … [it] will look not only at serial killers but also at others who have brought mayhem, betrayal, death and destruction in a world that failed to recognize them for the dangerous individuals they were.”

I was curious as to who, in the entire history of the world, that the author would choose to profile as  the ten worst psychopaths of all time. Sadly, there are many to choose from.

A few of his choices were obvious and expected such as the inclusion of Ted Bundy in the book. Other choices were less obvious but still made sense. But the inclusion of one individual in this book actually shocked me.

Initially I disagreed with the author about the inclusion of one individual, but upon further reading and after noting what exact characteristics are exhibited by genuine psychopaths, I have to admit that I now agree with author Victor McQueen that the person in question is indeed a true psychopath.

Deviant behaviour has always fascinated the general public. Regular people often express disbelief when someone they know  is found to be responsible for acts of depravity that most people could never imagine, let alone actually commit.

Through the reading of this book you will come to realize that the world is actually full of psychopaths and you will come to know how to identify them.


“Studies suggest that ‘high-Flyers’ in the business world tend to score more highly on the psychopath scale…Politics is another field in which psychopaths tend to flourish.”

This book is divided into eleven sections; one for each psychopath and a foreword. Each section contains the history and background of the individual, including their formative childhood years. Then it goes on to detail the psychopath’s crimes and actions. If relevant, it includes how and when they were arrested and details of their sentencing. However, some of these psychopaths eluded justice and if that is the case, that information is included as well. Basically, this book tells you everything you would want to know about each individual.

What makes this book different from the multitude of other serial killer books out there?

That is easy to answer. The difference is that the people highlighted in this book are not all serial killers, and not all serial killers are psychopaths. After you read this book you will know exactly what I mean by that statement.

I loved the fact that this book not only gave details of individuals psychopaths, but it also highlights facts that will both shock and surprise readers.

You will come away from this book with a better understanding of the identifiable behaviours and character traits that are exhibited by true psychopaths. Armed with this new knowledge, you might even be able to identify a psychopath near you!

I rate this book as 4 out of 5 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The only complaint I have regarding this book is the abrupt ending. The final chapter is all about Ted Bundy and after that the book just ends. I would have really liked there to be an “In Conclusion” chapter. Even though the similarities between each psychopath are apparent after reading about each person individually, it would have been nice to have it all wrapped up in a conclusion chapter. If I was the author, I would have included a chart with all the names on one side and a list of traits and commonalities across the top. I would then have filled out the chart by indicating which characteristics applied to each person. This would have made a stunning visual for the reader.