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Book Description for Newspaper Boys Always Deliver: A Personal Journey into Pop and Technological change in the last Fifty Years.

In Newspaper Boys Always Deliver, Gulesserian takes us on a captivating adventure by combining personal essays and historical insights for an enlightening look at how we got here, and the earlier inventions that paved the way for current cutting-edge technologies. While exploring pop-culture trends, unexpected impacts, and memorable moments in time, this collection of thought-provoking and humorous reflections paints a fascinating picture of the changes half a century can bring—and its implications for what could be just around the corner.

In just fifty years, Western culture has gone from culture to techno-culture—from the swinging sixties to rap, encyclopedia to Wikipedia, slide rule to artificial intelligence.

Newspaper Boys Always Deliver, shares a personal journey of how we got here, in a Book that delivers an eclectic plethora of knowledge, controversy and humorous entertainment in a newspaper format.

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Author’s Bio:

Joseph Gulesserian

Joseph Gulesserian came of age during the seventies, and was exposed to many changing technologies with a career that has ranged from metallurgic to manufacturing, from business equipment to information technology, and brand creation.

After earning his MBA, he taught Corporate Finance, Marketing and Statistics as an adjunct professor at Toronto colleges, and in 2000 established a Toronto-based company that designs and produces health and beauty brands for both domestic and international markets.

​Currently, Gulesserian lives in Toronto with his wife.

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What changed the world more: YouTube or Television? by Joseph Gulesserian

Social media, smartphones, and our digital society are not the first attacks on our attention spans, since television did this with regular broadcasting, starting in the late 1940’s in America.

Television broadcasting, much like radio, further connected the concept of nationhood, as we first saw ourselves as a Nation. Television was the messiah for the visual side of the human mind, and advertising soon followed in a three-network American universe. Today, many of the pre-rolls that we often skip on YouTube, have their content rooted in television advertising of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

It was this type of captive audience—before the billions of websites and social media channel fragmentation—that advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi operated in. It is this world that is depicted in the Mad Men TV Series, with dreamy jazz sounds of the early sixties, permeating the background.

Television allowed people to watch visual motion in the homes, and it could be argued with some authority, that this changed the parameters of our psyches more than YouTube. Even the 1950’s, television had a democratic feel to it, since one had a choice of a grand three channels.

Television allowed moving visual history to be documented and first introduced soap operas, before people felt they had a morbid obligation to display the minutiae of their lives.

Television was where a world saw the horror of a slain President; the assassination of Martin Luther King and then Bobby Kennedy, as the dreams of idealism faded. It was where Walter Cronkite reported the carnage of Vietnam; it was where we saw the Eagle land on the moon; it was where a helicopter took a president away into the annals of history, as a nation reflected on the tragedy; it was where we were first told about the death of Elvis Presley. It was through this lens that the world first saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, only to realize that the world was a more stable place with two contenders, as opposed to one. And finally, television was what brought the horror of 9/11, which can be argued that it was the last great epic event that this medium had a motion picture monopoly on!

YouTube is, quite possibly, the most ultimate disrupter since radio and television. YouTube has made many of us participative broadcasters, whereas, we can upload our own material both professionally and personally. YouTube views have become a better barometer, or metric, of viewership that AC Nielson ever was for television. TV commercials are uploaded to YouTube for after burn and reinforcement value.

But there is so much more: YouTube changes the painful but addictive nature of nostalgia, since it really plays on our innate sense of wanting visuals, to remember how time and our icons have passed.

It is on YouTube where one can virtually obtain an online education, learn Shakespeare, calculus, product reviews, “How To” videos, music videos, rants, raves, dance steps, sports replays, documentaries, movies and so much more.

So what changed the world more: Television or YouTube? This all depends on which world you were born into!


Even though this book is targeted at the Baby Boomer generation and I am a Generation X’er, I enjoyed it. I rate this book as 4.5 out of 5 stars. Baby Boomers will LOVE this book as they can relate to all the events the author talks about. I’m afraid that a few times the references went over my head.

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